Waste to Fuel Initiative

Waste to Fuel

BRICS Waste to Fuel is a research collaboration working the development of platinum-based catalysts for modular reforming, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and fuel cell applications. 

 The collaboration includes researchers from the Catalysis Institute, Cape Town (South Africa), the Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun (India) and the Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncrotron, Campinas (Brazil).

BRICS Waste to Fuel was nominated for a

IChemE Global Award in the Energy Category in 2020


Research Areas

Process modelling

Rework well-developed, robust technology in a way that decreases complexity and cost and allows for modular, off-grid applications.

Catalyst development

Developing catalysts that have favorable activity, selectivity and stability for each of the catalytic processes within the decentralized diesel process.




Modelling and evaluation of a single pass reactor configuration for a Fischer-Tropsch biogas-to-distillate process

Modelling and evaluation of a single pass reactor configuration for a Fischer-Tropsch biogas-to-distillate process

Design of a single pass waste-to-liquid plant for remote fuel production.

Thermal annealing of Au/Ag modified Pt nanowires: influence of reactive gases on segregation behavior

Steam reforming of glycerol for syngas production using Pt-Ni nano particles

Thermodynamics of a lognormal distribution of cobalt crystalliites 

Deactivation mechanisms in a Pt-Co/Al2O3 Fischer-Tropsch catalyst operated at high conversion

Manganese as a promoter for cobalt Fischer-Tropsch catalysts operated at high conversion

Activity and selectivity of Pt-Co/Al2O3 operating at high conversion

Platinum promoted cobalt supported on metal-organic framework 

The effect of platinum deposition order on the active surface of Pt-Co/SiO2 for the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

Methane tri-reforming over bimetallic Pt catalysts

Zinc aluminate as a novel support for high conversion Fischer-Tropsch 


Scientific group leading the project


Eric van Steen

South African Reaction Engineering Research Chair

Ankur Bordoloi

Senior Scientist CSIR Indian Institute of Petroleum

Chelsea Tucker

Waste to Fuel Initiative Research Coordinator

Dean H. Barrett

Joint Researcher at University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) and National Centre for Energy and Materials research (Brazil)

Cristiane Barbieri Rodella

Leader of the XPD Group at Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory

BRICS Researchers

Jyoti Ghatori

Aqueous Fischer-Tropsch 

Sweta Kotnala

Glycerol reforming

Lovjeet Singh

Catalysts characterization and testing

Gerard Letaba

Catalyst synthesis

Avela Kunene

Catalyst testing

Thobani Gambu

Fuel cell and computational catalysts

Sandeeran Govender


Tracey Van Heerden

Computational catalysis

Vuyisile Mahlaba

Reforming catalysis


Silethukuthula Mathe

Manganese promoted cobalt catalysts

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